Saturday, January 03, 2004

Make the popcorn, it's crashin' time... 

Here's a recipe for some good old fashion, non-electronic family fun. Take two hours of near-freezing drizzle, add dropping temperature, cover lightly with 5-15 cm of slushy snow, freeze gently and add two afternoon/evening NFL playoff games to inebriate a higher-than-usual percentage of Colorado Coors drinkers. Make popcorn and bring the kids to the major intersection nearest you...it's crashin' time of the year again. Just make sure to deny seeing anything if they ask for witnesses. Hiding the lawnchair under your coat will make this denial more convincing...



Wilk's point is more salient. Lawrence Taylor (not white) processed more Coke than a teenager at the movies and never did time. The whole NFL, from Favre to Warren Sapp, is protected from their own asininity. As for "race issues", hmmm, seems Sapp compared his making millions each year to slavery, too. Race is often an issue, but it is also a crutch for weak arguments.


Who doesn't curry Favre? 

Lobo needs to move to Europe - over here no one cares about the NFL. It is hard for me - without the constant barrage of Favre favoritism - to evaluate the race and culture double standard but I do not doubt its existence. But something else bothers me: In the end phuk the whole NFL!

These guys get praise for doing shit that is peanuts compared to the real world. Where is my praise? Where is yours? I don't remember seeing the headlines: "Wilk beats the odds by delivering a training seminar to fart-sucking commies in Ekaterinburg while nursing a gargantuan migrane brought on by a lack of sleep because the hotel front desk kept calling him to offer the services of run-down prostitutes." Where's that public interest story?

Screw the whole NFL! But especially to Hades with defense contractors.


Friday, January 02, 2004

9/11 Prevention... 

I think Wilk raises a good point about the "The idea of farming out high-paid civil servant jobs to low-paid private contracts is the kind of thinking that brought us 9/11; people paid too poorly and treated too badly to give a crap about their jobs". Here are some ways airline screeners can have more fulfilling and exciting jobs:

10. Every 1000 customers coming through is an FBI agent carrying a bagful of explosives, knives, ballpoint pens and napalm. When the screeners find him successfully, they get a day's pay bonus.

9. Anyone who is flippant in line--agents get to go Mike Tyson on him.

8. Snotty people? Search through their bags and spit out gum wherever they please.

7. Every buff person in line gets a thorough brushover...you saw this one coming, I'm sure.

6. Get to yank on arms and legs of all jerks in line "just to make sure they're not artificial".

5. "Free item day"...random days are picked, and airline personnel get to take one item out of your gear and keep it as a gift.

4. Running commentary on the belongings of obnoxious people..."Wow, nice undies, ever heard of a washing machine?" "I wouldn't have known you had diarrhea" "Do you always pack porn?"

3. Bitch-slapping of line-jumpers.

2. If anyone questions how an object the security personnel identify as questionable can be construed as dangerous, the security personnel get to demonstrate on the puzzled passenger. Imagine how many less laptops--not to mention their batteries--would be packed.

1. Anyone who complains about the wait? Straight into the X-ray machine, that'll save them time.

With these kind of simple, helpful changes in job scope and protocol, we can make these civil servant jobs both fulfilling and interesting once more. Happy flying,


Fuck Favre Idolization 

NFL players have family members that die all the time and most commentators don't make a big deal about it. So what gives? Apparently Favre is the new Great White Hope. Only now, Favre is a new kind of hero -- one who is given permission to fuck up occasionally. One stupid ass commentator went as far as to say that Favre was the new face of the NFL because he was graceful in the way he bounced back from alcoholism and pain pill popping.

But what are you talking about, LOBO, Brett had a fabulous game against the Raiders and Broncos? So? The Raiders are a skeleton of themselves from last year and the Broncos didn't even bother to send in their best players with an eye to the playoffs, so the victories weren't really that spectacular. The Cardinals' win over Minnesota to allow the Packers into the playoffs was spectacular.

Here's another perspective. When Michael Jordan's father passed away, the media made up some wild story that somehow MJ's gambling had something to do with the random carjacking and murder of his father. Could you imagine someone in the press saying something like that about Favre? Hell no. That's a double standard that is based on race and culture. Favre's dad dies and all of a sudden he is JFK Jr. in his little suit saluting his daddy. If Ray Lewis had a close family member pass away the media would ask him if he did it.


Sunday, December 28, 2003

Consumerist view 

The real problem (going back to Vulf's entry on class society) is how citizens are viewed. In Europe, for instance, citizens are workers, vacationers, thinkers, etc and maybe also consumers (although that too is changing). In the States everyone is a consumer first and foremost and all else is secondary. This means that Americans tend to think that citizens would rather be able to buy things cheaply than have a decently paying job. And even if we do not think this, this is the way corporate America behaves. Whatever the tax policy - however skewed toward the rich - the consumerist view of the world and its citizens will entrench the low-paying jobs. Even if tax policies are made more equitable.

The idea of farming out high-paid civil servant jobs to low-paid private contracts is the kind of thinking that brought us 9/11; people paid too poorly and treated too badly to give a crap about their jobs.


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