Saturday, January 17, 2004

Another three deaths, another suicide... 

Let's suppose for a second the number of attacks is "getting less". Well, then, they're certainly getting more sophisticated, alas. And they will continue to do so. The borders to Iraq are more porous than Dan Quayle's frontal cortex.

And another suicide...can't they get more counseling for these brave folks?


Friday, January 16, 2004

Offshoring jobs... 

Fiorina's company: this pretty much says it all:

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) will invest US$1 billion in Singapore over the next five years to bring its high-end manufacturing closer to the fast-growing Asia-Pacific end user market, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

The company opened a new 20,000 square-foot manufacturing line in Singapore to produce its top-end Superdome server range, reflecting the fact that China and South Korea are two of the fastest-growing markets for the product, which is designed to run business-critical applications across a range of operating systems.
HP did not say whether the new investment would lead it to increase the almost 6,000 staff it currently employs in Singapore. More than one-third of those work in research and development or value-added engineering, HP said.

Like Lupus, it seems not everyone is happy about it:

Margaret Bartley, the technology chair of the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, said the timing on the announcement couldn't be worse, coming two days after Carly Fiorina, HP chairman and chief executive officer, was quoted as saying high-tech industries need more U.S. taxpayer support for research and development.

Maybe HP is for HyPocrite?


This one is really too easy... 

The FIFA president is calling for sexier uniforms for the women's soccer players.

OK, Sepp Blatter (his name alone sounds like a urinary tract disorder, but let's move past that), here's an addendum to your fine suggestion. I want you showing up to the office in a speedo. And nothing else. Not your toupee, not your calf implants, not even your bridgework. Just a speedo. One look at you and the rest of the office will run scared, increasing their likelihood of escaping somewhere to watch a soccer match.

While we're at it, let's give the same treatment to Rush Limbaugh, easily-riled O'Reilly and a few others...Rush is so amorphous and unprepossessing as it is, one can only imagine what he'd look like in a Speedo.

What? What's that you say? Oh, you're right...Jabba the Hut has been done.

My mistake.


Wilk, how do you say dupe in Polish? 

Here's what happens when you make the mistake of equating friendship with an alliance. Bush's friends only exist in the corporate world. Alliances are only good while serve the interests of the U.S. Once they lose their value, Bush jettisons any consideration of their needs as fast as possible. Poland a staunch U.S. ally gets what in return for their selfless alliance? Poles face the same travel restrictions as all of the rest of the unwashed and mocha masses. Welcome to Bushland, the place where everyone gets played.

Kwasniewski to seek easing of U.S. visa requirement for Poles

"It looks very humiliating from a distance: the taking off of the shoes or the fingerprints,'' Kwasniewski told state radio. He said Washington should understand the ``frustration'' among Poles, who have been steadfast allies in Iraq , but feel they are treated as ``intruders'' when they try to enter the United States ."


Warsaw Mayor Cancels U.S. Trip Over Fingerprinting

Lech Kaczynski, a former anti-communist activist who now leads a major right-wing party, was supposed to pay a visit in April to Chicago and New York, both home to large Polish communities.

"I will go only when there will be no need for taking pictures and fingerprinting," Kaczynski told reporters.

Poland had hoped that as a reward for its help in the war to topple Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, the United States would relax entry visa rules for its citizens.

But Washington toughened travel curbs for Poles and many other nationalities as part of its new anti-terror measures

Many Poles are bitter that the U.S. administration exempts some other European nations from the rules, including those that opposed the U.S.-led war on Iraq, such as France and Germany.

Hopefully, the Poles in their bitterness of equating alliance with friendship won't equate the U.S. with Bush. Sigh!


We had to offshore jobs in order to save them. 

In so many words this is what some top executives had to say about the current job situation:

Both he and Fiorina defended the shift of high-tech jobs to India and other countries, saying such outsourcing has been going on for years in the industry and helps companies increase their workforce in the United States by keeping them profitable. The way to increase information-technology jobs in the United States, they argued, is to have a well-educated workforce and ensure that the country remains the world's high-tech leader by stressing innovation.

Yep, those pink slips you see mean blue skies ahead.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Notice this? 

Anyone else notice this from the bottom of the link that Lupus posted?

Seems it does not matter if they hassle or not. American security is incompetent.


Who is hassled at borders? 

Comment on the first part of the KOS article: Just to clarify - it is not just the mocha foreigners who get hassled at borders. Ask any Pole, or any single woman (any color), ie. au pair suspect aged 19-30 (thereabouts) from the UK (especially) about the grilling they are very likely to get at airports upon landing. And there is absolutely no guarantee they will get in the country - I have met many a person on planes going back to Europe who were being sent back without entry into the US. In all cases, they were suspected of wanting to work illegally in the States. (Well ... some did want to ....).

My point is, lots of profiling goes on. Poles hate it and feel slighted by it. The US does not seem to care though.

On the other hand, the Poles have a much more even-handed view to airport security on international flights - they just search EVERYONE'S carry-on luggage. That seems the best way to do it. Then you don't have to search 80-year old grannies to seem PC while a Timothy McVeigh slides through.


White Domestic v. Mocha Foriegn Terrorists 

Via Daily Kos
Domestic terrorists represent a bigger risk to the average American than any foriegn terrorist. Unfortunately, the American mindset rests easier by blaming the brown abroad than worrying about the white among them. Because domestic terrorism is driven by the same ideology of the current Republican party taken to its logical conclusion, the government "ignores" their activities. Firebombing abortion clinics comes to mind. This institutional worldview results in less domestic safety, yet sparks more international anger.


Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Figures of Speech 

Stimulated by Lobo's Loquacious Leveraging of Several Similar Sounds in Succession, here's some more figures of speech as applied to the current state of the nation...

10. Simile...(to compare 2 things, using the words like, as, as if, as though, as ... as):
Cheney is as exciting as a dead miser.
No wait, he may well BE a dead miser! See metaphor, next...

9. Metaphor...(to compares 2 things by saying one thing is another thing, not using like or as):
Cheney is a white whale.

8. Hyperbole (a description that is greatly exaggerated):
The attacks are WAY DOWN since Saddam was captured

Governor Dean has been proved wrong in his statement that we are ''no safer'' after the capture of Saddam Hussein...The average number of daily attacks fell to 18 in the four weeks since Dec. 14, when the coalition announced that Saddam had been captured the day before. In the four weeks before Saddam was found, attacks averaged 23 a day.

This is classic hyperbole...in the two weeks BEFORE Saddam was captured, the attacks averaged 18 per day. In the two weeks before that, the deadliest two weeks for the US military since 1991, the attacks averaged 28 per day. The attacks thus dropped to their current level in ANTICIPATION of Saddam being captured!?!

[Let's not even get into the statistical comparisons of these four weeks...since 95% is the standard "statistical proof" and values of 23 +/- 6 and 18 +/- 5 are not significantly different for groups of four at even 90%]

7. Alliteration (as Lobo noted, to repeat a letter or sounds, usually at the beginning of words):
Braindead Bush backtracks bigtime, beginning with lack of WMDs, continuing with no Al Qaeda link.

6. Onomatopoeia - (use of word to suggest the sound of what they are describing):
Cheney chortled as his heart stopped again.
Bush glugged another martini.
Boom went another pipe bomb under a US humvee.
Crash went another car on Governor Owen's death-trap highway construction/adult tonka toy construction set

5. Litotes (to affirm through the denial of its opposite):
Bush is no student of reduced government spending
Limbaugh is no small hypocrite
Donovan McNabb is no small reason why the Eagles are still in the playoffs
Limbaugh has learned to not hate druggies (or is this IRONY!?!?!)

4. Oxymoron (to use a contradictory phrase):
Limbaugh is one of the more intelligent cockroaches I'll ever spray Raid on
Ann Coulter is a real babe for an ugly skanked out lying dungheap of a witch

3. Hendiadys (to combine 2 or more things to make the same meaning):
Sean Hannity is a stupid, moronic, mentally-challenged, mendacious hebetudinous-brained dolt
(in this case, a Hannityadys)

2. Metonymy (to substitute one noun for another similar in meaning)
The White House said, "We'll rig the next election any way we want."
The Clark Campaign said, "Sure, I used to be Republican until I realized that the entire party had been taken over by lying, self-serving, nepotistic, evil religious freaks"

1. Personification (to give an inanimate object human characteristics)
Cheney likes to see buildings blow up (See, we pretend Cheney is human here)

Ciao, grammar fans


Nothing like a tight sweater... 

...on General Clark?

It's amazing how it is becoming apparent that the concept of "no such thing as bad PR" is right on the money.

This weekend's Denver Post had another revealing expose on a critical political issue -- General Clark's fashion shift to sweaters. In the article several prominent Denver women chime in and gave their opinion on the cardigan-clad candidate (yes, I know it called alliteration, Vulf).

Although the fashion court found Clark guilty of bad style in the first degree, there was an entire article written about the man's choice of clothing, thus helping to differentiate him even more from the rest of the candidate pack.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Double Standard...Bush League 

This is too bizarre for fiction...

The same Winston Wang who brought excoriation on Clinton is Neil Bush's Winston Wong...but 20X the money is involved this time...not to mention all the perks that came with it:

He also said he had sex with women in Asia who had come to his hotel room. He said they had not asked to be paid. "It was very unusual," Mr Bush said in response to a lawyer's question. He told the court he did not know if they were prostitutes, the Reuters news agency reported, saying it had seen a transcript of the 4 March deposition.

Unusual? You're in Asia, being paid for semiconductor knowledge you don't have, and a woman who might be a prostitute shows up at your door for free sex, AND YOU HAVE IT!?!?!

Is there a more despicable person than Rush Limbo? Not sure, but Neil Bush is running a tight race...

President Bush's brother Neil made at least $798,218 on three stock trades in a small U.S. high-tech company where he had been a consultant, according to his tax returns, including $171,370 buying and selling the company's shares in a single day.

In his defense, I haven't found proof he's killed anyone directly. Though he certainly helped along a suicide or two with his Silverado shenanigans...

Neither Good nor Walters ever repaid a nickel of their Silverado loans, and in 1988 Silverado went belly up, leaving U.S. taxpayers holding the bag for $1.3 billion in debts.

Let's see...that's $5000 extra for 260,000 families of four barely scraping by. Over a million people could have had a true bounty instead of paying for Neil's lies.

Are we really a Bush League nation? OUST THE BASTARDS!


Sunday, January 11, 2004

Sharpton, but not Sharp... 

Wow, let's pull out the race card every time we can't make a better argument. What in the Hades is Sharpton trying to do?

"You keep talking about race," the former street activist chided Dean when he had a turn to ask a question. He said that not one "black or brown held a senior policy position, not one...It seems as though you have discovered blacks and browns during this campaign," he said.

Bristling, Dean said it was untrue. He said he had "a senior member of my staff" who was a minority.

Sharpton said he was asking about the Cabinet, which has a small number of members.

"No, we did not," conceded Dean, whose state has a population that is nearly 98 percent white.
Former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun, who is African-American as is Sharpton, defended Dean. "Rev. Sharpton, the fact of the matter is we can always blow up a racial debate and make people mad at each other."

Clearly, Sharpton has a different agenda than simply gaining a drowsy few delegates at the Dem convention. Perhaps Alternet is right, Sharpton is really taking aim at the Jacksons. Too bad, his debating skills and interesting ideas (e.g. that the Democrats should not just "assume" Blacks will vote for them...and his solid ideas on small business tax breaks...to name just two) might otherwise have made a bigger impact on the final Dem platform.

*sigh* How long will this rancorous infighting last? I really would rather not see 1 1/2 years of belligerence, ad hominem attacks and puerility every 4 years. It is time to elect three presidents, one for international issues (Prime Minister), one to run the government (President) and one to run the economy (Chief Finance Minister), if not more...the job is just too big to leave in the hands of a lecherous genius (Clinton) or a disingenuous myopic (Bush).


It's a Zen thing... 

Regarding the build-up of toxins, especially liver-based ones such as mercury, bone-based ones such as strontium, or brain-based ones such as prions...REPEAT THE MANTRA...the higher the effective level on the food chain, the greater the build-up of toxins, and the greater the chance something goes tragically awry. And cannibalism is usually only found in the wild under desperate privation. Not for generation after generation after generation. Where's the fun in this anyway? It seems the more streamlined all processes become, the less fun. The journey, not the arrival matters in life. That's why we're flippin' hunters/gatherers.

Also, aren't there enough mosquitos on this blooming planet to feed the fish rather than Nemo cannibalism? Zeus knows we were ground central for West Nile last year...



Obviously these folks had other gainful employment before it became hip to plunder the wilderness at all times of year.

Why not snowcoaches and snowshoeing? That could work. Snowmobiles just suck in general. If they could make a noiseless, exhaustless snowmobile, then I change my position.

Ely Minnesota has gone through similar woes. They suffered limits on the size of canoe groups and on snowmobiles but somehow the town still stands - and the claim of "unspoiled wilderness" is all the stronger for it.

Sure the ban won't last when it comes into effect - just like at Voyaguers NP.



This whole salmon thing seems like a case of "food disparagement" that got Oprah in trouble all those years ago for saying that cows should not eat other cows.

Seems like another Tex-ass plot to me.

What interests me the most about Lupus's entry:
The two-year study, published today in the journal Science, found that farm-raised salmon has about 10 times the level of environmental toxins of wild fish -- largely because the farmed variety are fed other fish harvested from waters close to sources of industrial runoff.

See - feed the fish contaminated fish. Why can't we learn how not to destroy a perfectly good food?


Wilk's wish is our command...Snowmobiles be gone 

Enjoy, Wilk. This is a more reasonable step than putting out the piano wire?

A federal judge's eleventh-hour ruling in December that severely limits the number of snowmobiles has sent shock waves through this tourist town on the edge of Yellowstone National Park and widened the chasm between advocates of conservation and those seeking access to one of the most spectacular and revered places on Earth.

It gets worse:

With scores of snowmobile riders, unaware of the new restrictions, being turned away at the gates to the park, the town is grappling with a decimating drop-off in business. And now a legal battle is unfolding, one that pits neighbor against neighbor, locals against outsiders, machines against nature.

It's sad, really. According to the article, these snowmobile renters were "going to send their kids to college" with the snowmobile rental money. Got news for them...most kids with a college degree aren't coming back to run the snowmobile store, anyway.

Of course, not everyone believes West Yellowstone should cater to snowmobile riders. They buzz around the streets at all hours and, despite speed limits and rules of the road, can lend the feeling of a motorcycle rally taking over the small town.

It actually sounds like Mad Max on ice.

Don't be too sad, though, West Yellowstoners. I'm sure "W" will give you all new jobs lumbering or drilling for oil.


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