Friday, March 05, 2004

That Halliburton was fit for Jehovah! Jehovah! Jehovah! 

Apologies to Monty Python, but this is Monty Python-esque:

Halliburton TV ads which Vulf will never see...no tv

Thanks to my famous-band eponymous friend for the tip on this. Some truly funny parts:

Criticism is OK. We can take it. Criticism is not failure. Our employees are doing a great job. We’re feeding the soldiers. We’re rebuilding Iraq. Will things go wrong? Sure they will. It’s a war zone. But when they do, we’ll fix it. We always have – for 60 years for both political parties.

New slogan: Where things go wrong, there's Halliburton!

The spot closes with the company’s slogan used in other commercials: “Halliburton, proud to serve our troops.”

But what kind of load are you serving them?

Happy American military personnel are being served a hot meal and an emotional soldier is seen talking on the phone saying, "Yeah? Yeah? It's a girl! It's a girl!" The soldier is overcome by a flood of emotions and his unit shares his joy with heartfelt high-fives.

I'm sure it is a flood of emotions...after all, it's probably Texas governor Perry's child, anyway. I'd be crying, too.


Thursday, March 04, 2004

Daycow Campbell Flip-Flops again! 

He did it again...flip-flopped on his decision to run...er, walk...er, amble?...for Senate again.

Remember those candid interviews with Ben Daycow Campbell here on the Bite back in October/November? Remember us asking Ben the ambiguous to step down to make his political career exactly half-Democrat, half-Republican? Remember his obstreperous, nay vicious, nay nay belligerent replies? Well, seems he took our advice to heart after all...

To paraphrase from Spinal Tap, Ben, in the end no one knows what you stood for, or what you did, or what you accomplished, or even if you did accomplish anything, yet...your legacy remains.


Quotes of the Day 

From a friend far more liberal than yours Vulfy:

03.03.04 - 3.4.04
If Democratic policies had been pursued over the last two-to-three years, the kind of tax increases both Kerry and Edwards are talking about, we would not have had the kind of job growth that we've had.
-- V.P. Dick Cheney as quoted by Molly Ivins

In the manufacturing (of burgers) sector, White Whale?

Only a President who never had to apply for unemployment benefits would oppose extending them when so many workers are without a job. Only a President who never needed overtime pay would advocate taking it away from those workers who rely on it to make ends meet. Only a President who never needed federal aid to attend college would advocate cutting it back for those students who cannot attend college without it.-- Sen. Robert Byrd


Exposing the false recovery from an unlikely source 

The Economist--THE ECONOMIST--of all places, has realized what we've been jawing on here on the Bite for months...the recovery is false, propped up, and exacerbates rich/poor differences...i.e. creates the Two Americas Edwards rightly ranted on...

The snag is that the “wealth” being built up is partly phoney. In a recent report, the Bank of England argued that rising house prices do not create genuine wealth in aggregate. Those who have yet to buy a home suffer a loss of purchasing power, so rising prices redistribute wealth, they do not create it. More serious is that the price of homes or shares can fall, while debts are fixed in value. In the long run, the only way to create genuine wealth is to consume less than income, and to invest in real income-creating assets.

America (and other economies) have been enjoying a very different sort of wealth creation: the Fed is in effect printing it. Not only has it held interest rates unusually low, but the excesses of an asset-driven economy are being fuelled by artificially low bond yields (helped by huge purchases from Asian central banks trying to suppress the rise in their currencies) and hence mortgage rates.

Stephen Roach, the chief economist at Morgan Stanley, has long argued that the Fed is a “serial bubble blower”. Its cheap money is stimulating another round of irrational exuberance. America's property market certainly looks pricey: the ratio of house prices to incomes is currently at a record high, and about a fifth above its 30-year average.

If even the Economist spots this, we at the Bite can't be wrong. There is no recovery, it's just print money and hide the debt. But for how long? Not long, for what you reap is what you sow. (Thanks to Rage v. Machine) Expect a few bankruptcies to grow on these stalks.


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

No need to be silent...except for the odd vacation or two... 

Back from a Holiday in the Sun...I don't want a Holiday in the sun!

The latest from the Dem Party:

A message from John Kerry: Let's work together and win

Dear Vulf,

I know how much you have done to help our Party and its candidates and I am writing to tell you that I need you by my side every step of this campaign.

Yesterday, our campaign won impressive victories, winning 9 of 10 states and a sweeping majority of the delegates at stake on the biggest day of our campaign.

This morning, George W. Bush launched his $150 million campaign to try to set the terms of the debate for the general election. The ads he runs will attempt to distract from the miserable record he has built, and the hardships his one-sided, misguided policies have caused the American people.

We have no opportunity to savor yesterday's victories. We must act quickly to respond to tomorrow's challenges.


Will we let the Bush campaign define this election, distorting his record and mine in the process? Or will we carry the momentum of yesterday's enormous victory forward with energy and enthusiasm? You and I both know the answer. Together, we have to fight for every vote and answer every challenge.

Let's roll up our sleeves and go to work. I am confident that, working side by side, we can take on any challenge and win.

Classy, to the point. No need to point out Dean, like Edwards before him, was bound to win his own state. This just speaks for the overall quality of candidates we had this time around. Anyone who knows the key figures--from Kerry to Edwards to Dean to Clark--is going to like them, and so the more local they are, the better their chances. Except for the occasional Dean rant or Clark misquote, this was all in all a very classy campaign, especially by Kerry and Edwards, who exemplify the dead earnestness of ABB. I'd say, almost anybody but Bush. Please don't waste a vote for Nader the Hater and don't be fooled when Bush pulls Osama out of his current hideout in Pakistan or Kennebunkport in time for the election.

Bush has trashed this country, made the Middle East and a good chunk of the rest of the world unsafe for Americans generations to come, and thinks we can somehow maintain an illusory world hegemony without Europe, Canada or for that matter Asia. Our allies are holding their breath right now. If Bush serves another term, they'll have to catch their breath, and they sure don't want to be downwind of Bush when they do.


Tuesday, March 02, 2004

What's left to say? 

I have been silent of late. I have been trying to figure what to say about Bush. I realized there is nothing much to say. Many people have been trying to figure out his philosophy and/or idealogy to explain his actions. It's very simple and I think explains everything.

Bush's simply acts to reward his supporters by doing what's necessary to stay in power. It's Occam's razor at its finest.

Iraq war- Halliburton
Tax Cuts- Wealthy supporters

The list goes on and on.


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