Tuesday, May 04, 2004


Along with the explosions loudly heard in Fallujah, Baghdad and how many other points in Iraq no one can be sure is the sucking sound of implosion:

1. Implosion of the moral high ground on which the U.S. supposedly stood prior to the evisceration of that body of lies by the shocking abuse of prisoners by U.S. troops.

2. Implosion of the otherwise festive 1-year anniversary of the end of (major) combat, when "W" stood on the deck of the carrier impressed with his crusade...er...campaign, by the now consistent death of 10 Americans each day in Iraq.

3. Implosion of the myth of multilateral support by the abandonment of US insanity by Norway, Poland and others.

4. Implosion of the "This is not a Vietnam" claims with the hatred of US forces by both "sides" of the populace, and a scary casualty rate in the US forces.

5. Implosion of the entire rationale for war by the lack of WMDs, anywhere, anytime.

6. Implosion of the security brought by the end of Saddam.

7. Implosion of the U.S. economy, with oil prices at an all-time high, exporting of jobs at an all-time high, and the only new jobs being in the manufacturing (of burgers) section.

8. Implosion of "W"'s popularity ratings.

Ooops, sickeningly and shockingly, #8 has not occurred. Non ho parole. What is wrong with this country?


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