Monday, July 26, 2004

Founding Fathers talk to "W" 

From Buzzflash comes a meeting of the Founding Fathers and "W". This is a clever article worth a (lengthy) read in its own right, but one quote from "W" epitomizes his incompetence:

"And by the way, a free and peaceful Iraq is in our nation's interest. It's in our security interest -- that affected the economy. When you turned on your TV, it said, ‘America is marching to war.’ That's not very conducive for -- that's not a very positive statement. It doesn't build a lot of confidence -- people, you know, marching to war, why would I want to invest in my home? Or why would I want to come to Home Depot if we're fixing to go to war? (12/5/03, CNN)"

This one quote, if you are careful enough to analyze it, cuts through his whole daft presidency--an evil, myopic and nearly moronic aper (or should I say chimper?) who has been so overcoached by his stunned staff (they're both stunned at how far gone "W" is, and also stunned that they're still getting away with it!) that he can't even keep the snippets of coaching distinct.  In case you're keeping track at home, folks, here's what he was coached on:

1. Blame the economy on Iraq (nevermind the economy completely tanked long before "W" went into Iraq)
2. We are not at war (nevermind the 900+ soldiers dead--it's a Puh-leeze action)
3. Blame TV, hinting its a "liberal" media (nevermind more folks watch Fox than the other networks for their "news"--acronym for Never Enough "W" Support)
4. Prop up the real estate bubble--it's all we've got left in this eggshell economy (thus the otherwise completely left-field "why would I want to invest in my home?")
5. Home Depot. He said it by name.  Who runs Home Depot?  Berry R. Cox, that's who.  Yep, a Texan, SMU contributor, who's sold a lot of Home Depot stock in the past few years.  But the connection runs deeper.  Try the CEO, Nardelli, on for size...

Nardelli's business might has helped him in the political world.
Last month, he hosted a Republican fund-raiser at his Atlanta mansion attended by President Bush that brought in an estimated $3.2 million. In 2003, Nardelli donated $25,000 to the Republican National Committee and $2,000 to the Bush re-election campaign, records show.

Bush's quote was thus also to advertize for Nardelli's business.

With all this coaching going on, is it any wonder "W" can't think for himself?  Get the evil puppet out.  I'm sick of the ventriloquism.


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