Saturday, August 07, 2004

Hungry Heart 

Lay down your money and you play your part, everybody's got a hungry heart..in this case, Bruce Springsteen has a heart for change in America. I found this interesting, since Bruce Springsteen (not to mention John Cougar Melloncamp, who is also on the MoveOnPAC artist list) seems to me to be the type of "down home" America singer that "W" and his cohorts want to claim on their side (just as they claim to represent the "family", which to me means nothing unless they are doing a Marlon Brando impression along with it, but I digress). Let's listen to Bruce:

Like many others, in the aftermath of 9/11, I felt the country's unity. I don't remember anything quite like it. I supported the decision to enter Afghanistan and I hoped that the seriousness of the times would bring forth strength, humility and wisdom in our leaders. Instead, we dived headlong into an unnecessary war in Iraq, offering up the lives of our young men and women under circumstances that are now discredited. We ran record deficits, while simultaneously cutting and squeezing services like afterschool programs. We granted tax cuts to the richest 1 percent (corporate bigwigs, well-to-do guitar players), increasing the division of wealth that threatens to destroy our social contract with one another and render mute the promise of "one nation indivisible."

Right on. Bruce, you've summed it up again for the American people. The guy who rose to superstardom on "Born in the USA" shows he's still in tune with the real America.

Maybe what we need is for Bruce to use some of his more popular songs to describe the Bush era. "Born to Run", well that covers "W"'s role in Vietnam. "Crush on You", yep that describes the effect of Bush's fiscal policies on the American middle class. "Dancing in the Dark", too easy, that's Bush's whole presidency. "Cadillac Ranch"--Crawford, of course. "You Can Look But You Better Not Touch", that's "W"'s pot of gold to the American middle class. "Cover Me", Bush's reaction on 9/11. "I'm On Fire", Cheney's cry during myocardial infarction number 17, and finally "Independence Day" is November 2 if we can just get the vote out.

REM and Pearl Jam, of course, are lined up for this (and they would be the acts I personally would want to see on this MoveOn tour). The Dixie Chicks go without saying.

Move On, and Move "W" to the dust bin of history while there's still time. Then send him to prison with the rest of the war criminals. Oops, except for Idi Amin, of course, who died not too long ago, in SAUDI ARABIA, of course. Untried, unpunished, and presumably still eating parts of his victims (we come round circle, in a macabre fashion, to the "hungry heart" theme). Guess where Bush can hide from international law after his sad regime falls?


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