Monday, August 23, 2004

It's Deja Vu All Over Again... 

So, now Kerry, Edwards, the DNC and the rest of the "alternative" to "W" has taken the bait again. The Republicans have made John Kerry's Purple Hearts the main issue in the upcoming election. You'd almost have to admire them, were they not so evil.

Their man, "W", has started, escalated and fanned the fires of an illegal war that has legitimized terrorism against the U.S. for most of the world, and will ensure fanatical Islam has no shortage of suicide fodder for decades. He has destroyed goodwill toward the U.S. throughout the world, and the economy--supposed to have a banner year in 2004--is literally a barrel away from recession. Oil prices are higher than Bush before he found God.

But don't think for a moment that Bush will lose in November. He will win, in my opinion, by 200+ electoral votes. Why? Because people are seriously discussing Kerry's war record. The DNC and Kerry need to look the other way at poisoned bait. Here's a clue...answer as follows:

"My war record speaks for itself. Three purple hearts and shrapnel in my leg to this day. Questioning my medals is tantamount to calling into question every veteran who's ever been awarded a medal. Was I the most courageous soldier ever to wear the stars & stripes? Hardly. But I did what I was ordered to--and did it well--for my country. I faced fire, not allegations I hid from the Alabama National Guard. I was in Vietnam, like many other brave Americans. I need do no more to defend my record. The real war questions of saliency to today's America are those around Afghanistan and Iraq. Hopeless quagmires both, and now more than 15 months' time after my opponent swaggered on the carrier deck, there is no end in sight."

"There is now a brain drain from the U.S.. We are running the risk of becoming a bona fide Third World nation by the end of Bush's planned second term, with the concomitant defaulting on our loans, complete loss of the middle class, and the inevitable subsequent sedition and suppression. I see a much better future. With Bush and his fiscally irresponsible, untenable plans out of place, we can start to reverse the damage wrought by four years of his policies, and policing."

"Ronald Reagan, an inspiration to Bush, asked people in 1984 if they felt they were better off than they were four years previous. He rode this to a landslide re-election. I ask the same of you today. Are you better off than four years ago? Do you miss the long national nightmare of peace and prosperity of 1992-2000? If so, then vote for Bush. The other 95% of us know what to do."

Don't let the Republicans guide you into the insane world of deciding your vote over how Kerry responds to insane allegations about his stellar war record. Face the real issues. The Republicans cannot raise these, because they know how bad it really is. Go ahead, vote for Bush. Just don't expect a merry Christmas if you do.

-Vulf (for John Kerry)

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