Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Another reason the Dems will lose... 

The Dems almost deserve to lose (except the end of the world as we knew it is a heavy price to pay for stupidity) for not being able to formulate compelling arguments against the Republican policies.

The Dems say: "The tax breaks offered by the Republicans will only benefit the wealthiest 1% of Americans"
The counter-argument: As we've noted before on The Bite, 19% of Americans think they're in this 1%, and another 15% think they're going to get there. By saying "Only the top 1%" you've already alienated 34% of people. By saying "Only the top 5%", it may be more than 50%.
The solution: Instead of saying the wealthiest 1%, say something more visceral: "These tax breaks will only benefit you if you are making more than $350,000 a year. If you are not, then you are throwing away your money." Maybe the top Dems, all making money as if they owned a printing press, somehow think we don't know they're rich, too. Maybe not as greedy/evil, but rich, too. Funny thing is, by admitting they are against a tax break that would help them, they might get more credibility...but I digress.
The sad truth: These tax breaks actually aren't even benefitting the wealthiest 1% of Americans. With national default, horrendous debts and depressed economic conditions now inevitably passed along to future generations, those wealthiest 1% have only to look forward to devaluation of their capital at best, violent revolution at worst. Is getting a few millions more right now worth having your head on a pike in front of the 21st Century's equivalent of the Bastille?
The happy counter-point: Money doesn't make you happy, anyway, folks. It's been proven. Watching all these greedy, unhappy Republicans almost makes up for the fact they are gouging the rest of the middle class (and lower) and I from behind. At least I can laugh all the way to the (river)bank. They simply can't laugh.


Who's the Waffler? 

Sure, on jib-jab, a not-so-fictionary "W" jests at Kerry for having more waffles than a house of pancakes. Start warming up the syrup, "W".

President Bush said on Tuesday the war on terror could be won by America and explained away an earlier comment that it could not be by blaming his lack of articulation. As he prepared to address the Republican Party convention in New York on Thursday, Bush found himself forced to adjust his message in a central issue for his re-election campaign.

Could it be because "W" said it was unwinnable whilst his cronies said the opposite the day before? Hmm.

Looks like "W"'s one claim to fame, constancy, has taken a detour. Better get some mental metamucil, moron.


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