Saturday, September 11, 2004

Where are the Kerry folks when we need them most? 

The summer heat seems to have dessicated the contribution well of Lupus, Lobo and Wilk. No judgement passing here, folks, but I think this is indicative of the sublime, surreal acceptance that has gone on in this land around the upcoming events. For example, at a vigil for the 1,000 "officially dead" US troops in Iraq (and how sad for the suicides and accident victims, numbering another 200+, to not even be counted!), the mood was obviously somber. But, amazingly, the vigil leader seemed resigned to the fact that this was just "going through the motions". No passion in the vigil speech, despite some 100 or so of us walking around the city's main park lake with candles in hand. It's as if all has already been said and done, and nothing can be changed.

I get the distinct feeling that a lot of potentially passionate progressives have lost the will to put up a charade of a fight. Do they "know" Bush will win? Do they "know" this will end the U.S. as we knew it forever? Maybe so. After all, at this stage, denial is probably par for the course.

We have less than eight weeks, folks. If we can't get Bush out by November 2, everything the Democrats (socialism-moderated capitalism) and the Republicans (fiscal responsibility) once stood for will be trampled in the dust of a "Republican" coup d'etat that neither takes care of its citizens nor the very standards of its own party.

I know Kerry is about as exciting as sawdust. But he is not an evil puppet who has ruined the world. We simply have to vote the lesser of two "evils" this time. Overcome the inertia...it's very simple...Vote.


Sunday, September 05, 2004

Oh, Canada! 

Time to start preparing for the post-November 2 world.

Canada has a slew of wonderful cities. And, bonus, you'll save on sunblock.

Global climate change ensured by four more years of Bush/Cheney will also render Alberta and Saskatchewan a breadbasket of the future. Watch the implosion to your south from the comfort of your own 100 Mile House.

Prepare thee now,


The Creed of Greed 

Let's face it, the Republicans (or at least the fiscally-irresponsible oil-baron fundamentalistics who have currently kidnapped that formerly august party) teach greed. Americans who know nothing else but how to purchase consumer goods simply have no choice--they have to vote for the party that whispers sweet shopping in their ears. No one is waiting on the AP wire to find an excuse to vote Democratic. Rather, the opposite.

Thus, when we find out that there are inexplicable gaps in "W"'s Vietnam-era hookey-playing, it won't cost "W" a single vote. But when Bush and cronies pay former Swift boat veterans to hammer Kerry, it works. The Republicans get votes anytime something goes wrong for the Dems because people are *looking* for an excuse to vote Republican. They know it's not right, it's a guilty pleasure, and so they look for an excuse. OK, someone tells them Kerry uses Botox, that's enough. (Nevermind their Mom is using it). Or a Swift boat veteran being paid to the hilt suggests Kerry only faced death 113--not the 114 he suggested--times in Vietnam, that's enough.

We find out Bush is doing product placement for Home Depot in his speeches (a bought President unlike any we've ever seen), and the Press does not even report on it. In fact, I have seen no one else but yours Vulfy even note this.

Hookey playing is "W"'s nature--he's the on-vacation president, over 40% of his days spent in Crawford, Kennebunkport or Camp David. He's a loafer, a war criminal of the highest degree, a flaunter of global cooperation while hypocritically forcing globalization on the fragile economies domestic and elsewhere (offshoring jobs, anyone?), a service dodger, an oil baron raking in the millions while he forces the world's oil prices higher, and the most flagrant abuser of nuclear arms regulations on the planet. Did I mention he's clinically schizophrenic? God tells him to invade Iraq, after all.

But he will be re-elected in a landslide.

And the US will fall. Serves us right. Prepare yourself, you smug, flatulent and rudderless hypocrites. Your time is coming.


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