Saturday, October 09, 2004

Bush Wired..and still no energy 

This is too funny for words...in spite of his poor performance at the debate last night, it turns out Bush was wired! Faolin, the genius that she is, came in to watch the debate mid-way through, and that was the first thing she said...I had written off his halting speaking, weird eye contortions, etc., to synapses frying from nascent use...but it turns out she was spot on!

So, Bush not only can't play fairly, but he can't even win when he cheats. Why isn't this on the major networks? I remember the (in Europe) infamous prompting during a meeting with Chirac early this summer...recall Chirac ate Bush alive in early 2003 on an impromptu interview in which Bush couldn't be coached (the real reason Bush hated the French).

Well, why shouldn't he cheat? Others are clearly cheating for him...

Case in point, www.cnn.com has mounted a campaign to have Republicans add to Bush's numbers on their poll. As of 2:30 AM Eastern Saturday, Bush was down 82% to 16% on their poll. As of 11 PM Eastern, he is now magically winning 57% to 41%. That means Kerry's percentage has exactly halved (very poor cheating technique) and that 100% of the votes coming in since 2:30 AM, given the equal number of reported votes before and after 2:30 AM Eastern, have had to be for Bush!

Hmmm...either everyone voting today is a Republican, or CNN is cheating, too.

Anything's possible in the next three weeks, folks. This is the first American President to lose jobs during his term since 1932...the very year Hitler took power in Germany.

At least Hitler did his own lying.


Bush Whacked 

As if the first debate weren't bad enough, now we had to see Bush turn from every question on the economy to showing he's a "tough guy" (that is, if weaselly-mouthed, 6-foot, 160 pound drug users scare you). Sure, but the war's in Afghanistan, and you have 90% of your troops in a neighboring country chasing phantom WMDs and killing Iraqis and themselves in droves.

Top Ten Bush leaguers from Debate/Bush Loss #2:

10. He ripped into Kerry about $2.2 Trillion dollars?! That's how much debt Bush has slated for the next four years already.
9. "Everyone" got a tax break under Bush? Well, if you mean he changed a surplus into deficit, at least 5-10% of us, who are still employed, did. Kerry's comments on who actually benefitted from Bush's tax breaks were the defining moments of Debate #2.
8. Kerry is for big government? Bush's government is the one spending more than it takes in!
7. He chastised Kerry for voting against the $87 Billion for Haliburton?!?! This from a "small government guy"? Then let Cheney compete like the rest of the world's capitalists. He's got oil to $53/barrel. Nice work if you're an oil guy. What kind of profits is he making, anyway? Why is no one else calling him on this?
6. Single issue responses, too many um...ums, stammering and dead space.
5. He couldn't even answer the question on one, let alone three as asked, things he'd done wrong and how he'd correct them! Instead he assumed it was about Iraq (what about the economy? The first President in 72 years to end a term with less US jobs than he began the term? The fact he is a Saudi pimp?), and then lamely said he'd made some appointments he regrets but can't say who they are. Hard to have a world leader who can't admit to one mistake...the rest of us learn from our mistakes.
4. He's created 1.6 million jobs? On what planet? 3.2 million lost - 1.6 million created is still 1.6 million lost. And nice September jobs numbers, by the way....not. One of the shortest recessions in US history? Does he think we believe his lies...we know the economic numbers are being cooked till after the election. After all, median income is still dropping.
3. No response when Kerry mentioned what a difference it will make for the US to be led by someone the rest of the world can trust! :)
2. What was Laura doing to her face, anyway? Trying to signal him an intelligent thought?
1. This is the biggest--Bush never, NEVER, said one positive thing. It was all negative and fear-based. Fine, you've got half the people in fear, but the rest of us are waiting for hope to come out of the Pandora's Box you've opened. Kerry is that Hope. Who wants to live in a dreary Bush world. Just go away. Pretend being Prez is the Alabama National Guard.


Monday, October 04, 2004

Don't miss Edwards vs. Cheny Dick! 

After last week's debacle, the Bush/Cheney ticket is looking to redeem itself with the Cheney/Edwards debate Tuesday.

Don't count on it, fellas.

Edwards knows how to handle himself in front of the crowd. He knows how to tune his message to his audience. The Cheney/Bush duo (Batman and Robin, as in the Adam West TV show...a husky man and his little ward?) call this ability to think of your feet "flip-flopping", but the rest of us call it "being quick-witted".

I know, that's not fair, after all, Cheney's had more heart attacks than a Vulfpack will have in its lifetime since he became VP. Look for another "red-faced mad" event tomorrow...and hope to {insert your favorite higher power} someone present has nitroglycerin and/or adrenaline.

Although I doubt Cheney can outdo "W" for flip-flopping...read the transcript.

First he says the US can/should act unilaterally, because gosh darn it, we're tough. The he says we can't meet unilaterally with North Korea. OK, we can go to war with Iraq (that's what it's ended up being) to injure our friendships with France, Germany, Russia and others, but we can't meet unilaterally with North Korea? Flip, meet Flop, oh I'm sorry you've met already.

Then he tries to take credit for working with Britain, France, etc., to sanction Iran--first he says "we" (that includes Bush, at least in my corner of the grammar kingdom) sanctioned Iran, then he says the sanctions were in place before he came into office. Consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds, in which case "W" has become downright expansive.

Finally, "W" knew he was losing--nay, getting slaughtered in--the debate. So, he tried to play the emotional/folksy bit. Backfired, though, because he couldn't acknowledge Heinz-Kerry:

"Well, first of all, I admire Senator Kerry's service to our country. I admire the fact that he is a great dad. I appreciate the fact that his daughters have been so kind to my daughters in what has been a pretty hard experience for, I guess, young girls, seeing their dads out there campaigning. I admirer the fact that he served for 20 years in the Senate. Although I'm not so sure I admire the record. I won't hold it against him that he went to Yale. There's nothing wrong with that."

Oops. Left-handed compliment on Yale. Forgot to mention Teresa H-K, too--guess that would be a faux pas if "W" didn't hate French.

Kerry: "And I have great respect and admiration for his wife. I think she's a terrific person..."

Game. Set. Match? Two more debates, but a 6-Love first set has to have "W" reeling.


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