Saturday, April 23, 2005

Not likely to show in the US 

Canada's CBC will be presenting a documentary April 24-26 suggesting that the true "terrorism" is the exaggerated threat of terror. Which means the world's worst terrorist nation is to their south:

Is our perception of a global terrorist network an illusion created by politicians?

The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear

Every day the media reports of threats to global safety from an international terrorist network. But now, filmmaker Adam Curtis boldly asks should we be worried at all about these apparent threats? Could this be just a phantom menace constructed to keep society manipulated by fear?

Indeed, and like Luca's "Phantom Menace", Bush & co.'s phantom menace is tough to sit through. Orchestrated elections, a president who does product placement in his speeches, and a "party" that won't allow anyone but long-time Republicans to their Nuremburg rallies (see the Denver Three)...how much of a stretch is it for the entire set of orange alerts to be completely fictional?

Yet, I know folks who actually say they're scared when the orange alerts come out. On a related issue, a number of big-time Republicans yours Vulfy knows are getting laid off, but never surmise there might be a connection between the lack of decent middle class jobs and Bush and his ilk. Like I've said before, indolent and ignorant, Americans deserve what's coming. And it's coming soon now.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Freaky Pope Likely Elected by Pro-Bush Camp 

This is just sick and wrong...


The pro-Bush, pro-pedophilia, anti-abortion (abortion is NEVER condemned in the Bible, remember, as we posted earlier on The Bite) freaky-weird Ratzinger was elected Pope.

Catholics voted against their historical Democratic leaning in the last election. Now this.

Organized religion (not religion in general, but organized religion) is destroying the world.

Wow, he's been the Pope for just a day, and he's already Been A Dick...er...Benedict, to me.


Monday, April 18, 2005

The Era of Terror... 

Today BBC weighted in on it:

Terror is on the rise in 31 places, declining in 5. 31-5 sounds like the win-loss record for the NCAA basketball champs. Let's hope this list doesn't get an NIT invite next year.


Since last year, Iraq has shot from fifth to first place in the rankings, with 2,922 terror incidents recorded in the 12 months to February 2005.

Other countries where the risk is considered severe include India, Pakistan, Israel and the Palestinian territories, Saudi Arabia and Colombia. They are joined by Nepal and Somalia, which have been upgraded to the worst category since the 2004 survey.

What does this list have as a standout feature? Yes, the Middle East is worsening. So, not only were there no WMDs, but apparently the $250 billion (enough to solve the social security "crisis" FOREVER) spend there hasn't done a bit of good.

Nice legacy, neo-Cons.


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