Saturday, April 30, 2005

A game of chicken 

The Republicans know what they're after...the decimation of the middle class. In trying to turn social security into a welfare program (only the lower 30% in income retain benefits), Bush will continue the Republican tradition of getting the dirt poor to support tax breaks for billionaires. However, the Dems have to date mustered an overall anemic response, thanks in no small part to cretins/collaborators like Lieberman.

What is really going on is that the American public, fattened and indolent, has become strangely disattached from the world that is falling down around them. Maybe it's as simple as a game of chicken, and when someone, somewhere breaks through the fog and brings the light of reason back, the country will spring up and overthrow the dictatorial repression that exists in today's society.

I hope so, because otherwise outside pressures are about to bring the crisis to its conclusion. China, for example, knows it can crush the US economically, and so has no motivation to adjust the yuan. Their lower class of 800,000,000, like India's, give them a "buffer" to upper-class economic hardship (the middle class is so small relatively that it cannot be "destroyed" in the same sense that the US middle class is currently being dismantled--since the US middle class is, traditionally, a much more substantial percentage of the population, and so the "lower class" offers less of a shock absorber to economic abuses--this relates to the lower class being essentially outside the money economy, but I will not go into more detail on this for the time being). Perhaps the reason the "Earth is Flat" right now is because the US is trying to emulate India and China...Bush's policies are heading the US in that direction. Incredibly, our economy is being modeled after ones in which 3/4 of the population is below the poverty level. This means the middle 2/3 of us are heading in the wrong direction.


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