Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Like a fish 

At the end of Kafka's "The Trial", the protagonist is stabbed "like a dog", with the horror of his ignominious existence and demise to live on after him.

During the US takeover in Afghanistan, bounties as low as $3,000 were awarded for new Bagram inmates. Like a fish, the article states. But I say, like a dog.


“It’s obvious. They knew Americans were looking for Arabs, so they captured Arabs and sold them — just like someone catches a fish and sells it,” he said. The detainee said he was seized by “mafia” operatives somewhere in Europe and sold to Americans because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time — an Arab in a foreign country.

Thanks to Faolin for this article...note it is on a very mainstream site...MSNBC. Is anyone out there reading this?


The case for impeachment 

CommonDreams makes a compelling argument for Bush & Cheney's impeachments around the illegal and false premises for the Iraq fiasco:

Please read the following article:

Ralph Nader, whose self-defeating candidacy for presidency got Bush into office (along with a strange vote count in Florida) in 2000, is one of the authors. Nader had said in 2000 (I paraphrase) "I hope Bush wins, because it has to get worse so that people can see how bad it is...and then it will get better"...well, Ralph, you got your wish. Except for that "better" part...to date.

Hopefully, though, you can help a real impeachment to happen. You will do the country and the world a much greater service by getting Bush out of office than you did by getting him in.


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