Friday, July 15, 2005

A small point... 

Today's coordinated suicide bombings in Baghdad emphasize a point seemingly missed by mainstream US press. Look at the report:

Ten suicide car bombers exploded in a series of apparently coordinated attacks across the Iraqi capital on Friday, killing at least 25 people and wounding more than 100, police sources said. All appeared to target U.S. or Iraqi security forces, police said. Reuters journalists saw the aftermath of five. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for those, before police reported a further five suicide car bomb attacks late in the day.

Do you think the numbers for today's attack will reach 52? I'm willing to bet they will (whether we ever see a real accounting...see the previous blog). Why isn't this story, then, treated with the same level of horror and detail as the London bombings? Is it damage control, to try to make it look like the situation in Iraq is under control? Sure sounds that way...

U.S. generals have said the situation is improving. But the 10 suicide car bombs in Baghdad on one day alone compared to just six countrywide for the entire previous week -- a figure a U.S. spokesman had announced as the lowest in 11 weeks.

Damage control isn't possible anymore. Hiding 85% of the deaths in Iraq isn't even enough anymore (and when the real numbers hit CNN and MSNBC, then finally we might see a much-needed impeachment). The situation is falling apart. And, because of the double standard in press coverage (one death in the UK/US/Spain gets as much attention as a thousand in Iraq), the terrorists are being ASKED to perform terrorist acts in the "Vaterland", er Homeland (this is the point people seem to be missing). They are certainly sharpening their skills.

So, damage control is endangering the populace in the west, by adding a "premium" to terrorist acts in Western nations. Yet another way the Bush Regime is making the world far less safe.


The Big Lies 

In the Orwellian world of USA 2005, another little lie isn't going to shock anyone.

What about some big, BIG, *BIG* lies?

Like, 10,000 US troop deaths (using the same counting methods as in Vietnam)? Like, 100,000 Iraqi civilian deaths?

How are they doing this? Take a peek:

U.S. Military Personnel who died in German hospitals or en route to German hospitals have not previously been counted. They total about 6,210 as of 1 January, 2005. The ongoing, underreporting of the dead in Iraq, is not accurate. The DoD is deliberately reducing the figures. A review of many foreign news sites show that actual deaths are far higher than the newly reduced ones. Iraqi civilian casualties are never reported but International Red Cross, Red Crescent and UN figures indicate that as of 1 January 2005, the numbers are just under 100,000.

Number 15 in the list of things being done under the Bush regime that would have ended Clinton's Presidency. Meanwhile, solipsistic indolent America shops, fattens and stupifies. Which will arrive first, the day when the Iraq fiasco is fully realized by the US, or when China's burgeoning economy drives the US one to bankruptcy and irrelevance? They're both coming sooner than you think.


Monday, July 11, 2005

Tears for the Stem Cells 

Ironic that Doonesbury's Sunday cartoon juxtaposed Bush worried for the stem cells while the War he started (illegally) kills tens of thousands.

Even more ironic when he was the Texecutioner and his party continues to push for reduced protection against mistakes in capital punishment:

It gets worse. The bill, pushed by Rep. Daniel E. Lungren (R-Calif.) in the House and Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) in the Senate, would impose onerous new procedural hurdles on inmates seeking federal review -- those, that is, whom it doesn't bar from court altogether. It would bar the courts from considering key issues raised by those cases and insulate most capital sentencing from federal scrutiny. It also would dictate arbitrary timetables for federal appeals courts to resolve habeas cases. This would be a dramatic change in federal law -- and entirely for the worse.

Hypocrites. The Schiavo fiasco, asinine as it was, was just a scratch on the surface. Try telling me a zillion stem cells saved will ever equal one innocent life lost to the stain of capital punishment. Try telling me that the war in Iraq and the concomitant 100,000+ deaths are worth pictures of Saddam Hussein in tighty-whities.

If you want to be moral, that's great. Just be consistent. Selective morality is more immoral than consistent immorality. Examples abound, from the Karl Rove is gay but leading a homophobic agenda example, to the Bush is a Christian but kills with abandon example. Got news for you, folks, Jesus didn't torture people, he didn't execute them, and he wasn't fond of wars, even in "his name". And the Bible never once proscribes abortion, let alone stem cell research.


Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Rover 

Bring out the hammer of the Gods. "The Rover" strikes again...

Bush aide Rove was Time reporter's source-Newsweek

The magazine said Rove's lawyer, Robert Luskin, confirmed that Rove talked to Time magazine about former ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife, CIA agent Valerie Plame.

Sure, you can call him a "leaker", but that's just for starters. Where did he get this information? From Bush? From Cheney? It wasn't from yours Vulfy.

This is a little matter called high treason. His reward? Maybe a little physical graffiti in the form of keel-hauling? Drawing and quartering?

Nope, not in the current Regime. Watch this space. If Bush and Cheney, let alone the Rover, walk away from this one free men, then we truly live in Oceania.

Remember, what would they have done to Clinton for this?

Led Zep certainly pegged the Rover:

Oh how I wonder, oh how I worry and I would dearly like to know
I've all this wonder of earthly plunder will it leave us anything to show
And our time is flyin' see the candle burnin' low
Is the new world rising, from the shambles of the old


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