Sunday, July 17, 2005

I was wrong... 

Here on The Bite, we are quick to point out when we are wrong. A few weeks back, I predicted that the fiasco in Iraq would erupt into Civil War by the end of August.

By all accounts, I was wrong.

It appears it may happen sooner.


“What is truly happening, and what shall happen, is clear: a war against the Shias,” Sheikh Jalal al-Din al-Saghir, a prominent Shia cleric and MP, told the Iraqi parliament.

With no WMDs, no plan to win the peace, and a rudderless military plan (26,000 dead, missing or severely wounded, and counting), the US "control" of the country has never been more of an oxymoron. Afghanistan isn't much better. Until the Administration Balkanizes Iraq, as suggested here on The Bite, it will continue as a morass unlike any other the US has ever seen.

We are seeing far more than "another Vietnam", by the way. We are seeing the US relinquish its "sole superpower" role to China. The world hates the US (wonder why softball was voted out of the Olympics? Wake up.), China's economy is set to surpass the US in a few years (not 35!), and China, not the US, has the polished new skyscrapers, the moon landings by 2006 and the lion's share of the next Olympics' medals (one way or the other!). These are symbolic, of course, but symbols of the new order.

Bush and his cohorts are guilty of treason, and not just for "Plamegate" (though clearly, as we reported here weeks ago, the Rover didn't get this data from a staffer). They are systematically dismantling the US.

Keep watching TV and scarfing down fast food, America...that'll help. Never mind that in your greed for "higher profits" (an oxymoron, that, since offshoring has decreased profits immeasurably due to counterfeiting...) you have condemned your own children.

So, indeed I was wrong. Civil War can't break out soon enough for those waiting for the US to be knocked off its pedestal.


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