Friday, August 26, 2005

Fact is indeed stranger than fiction... 

You just can't make this stuff up....


ChristianExodus.org offers the opportunity to try a strategy not yet employed by Bible-believing Christians. Rather than spend resources in continued efforts to redirect the entire nation, we will redeem States one at a time. Millions of Christian conservatives are geographically spread out and diluted at the national level. Therefore, we must concentrate our numbers in a geographical region with a sovereign government we can control through the electoral process.

ChristianExodus.org is orchestrating the move of thousands of Christians to reacquire our Constitutional rights and, if necessary to attain these rights, dissolve our State's bond with the union.

Bob Jones University, in the thicket of their western South Carolina forest of insanity, no doubt figures into their plans.

And they are spread too thin. If only they can get the fundamentalist LDS to join them. Get them all in one place.


Just ick. And all under the banner of Heaven (Jon Krakauer).


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gushing for Greenspan... 

Now, I don't care if you love the man or hate the man.

But, this is clearly over the top:

Detractors aside, the Fed chief did help engineer the longest peacetime boom in U.S. history -- 10 straight years from the end of the 1990-91 recession in March 1991 to a second, mild slump in 2001. That alone would have guaranteed his spot as a successful manager.

Over his tenure, U.S. gross domestic product has grown at a solid average of just over 3 percent a year and consumer price inflation also has averaged a little more than 3 percent.

Analysts say this adds up to a record unmatched in other economies and reflects Greenspan's nimble policy-making approach, one that relies less on rules than adaptability to rapidly changing global economic conditions.

You're kidding right? Let's see, GDP grows at EXACTLY the same rate as inflation, and this is a record unmatched in other economies?!?! You make 3% more each year but pay 3% more for everything? Seems your average guy could manage that.


Monday, August 22, 2005

Bush whacked... 

Hello, W:

Need to avoid confronting the Sheehan crowd in Crawford? Then you need to escape to two of the only three states that overwhelmingly support Bush...Utah and Idaho.

Anyone who thinks Bush is going to Utah for the Veterans or Idaho for a vacation, look again. Bush is the first president in US history who adamantly does not represent the people. He has NEVER been to San Francisco since he stole the 2000 election--not once. It is by far the largest US city he has not visited. Why? Because they hate him there--only 15% of SF residents voted for him in 2004.

So look past the insanity of Bush comparing the war in Iraq to the World Wars. Sure, Iraq's just the same, if we invaded Normandy in '44 and found that Hitler had conquered Europe with wine and TeleTubby videos. Guess what, those Messerschmidts and V2's really were WMDs, jackass.

Let's hear it from the (half-)horse's mouth itself:

As he did in last year's election campaign and more recently as war opposition has risen, Bush reminded his listeners of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 — reciting the date five times in a 30-minute speech.

"We're not yet safe," Bush said. "Terrorists in foreign lands still hope to attack our country. They still hope to kill our citizens. The lesson of Sept. 11, 2001, is that we must confront threats before they fully materialize."

So, then, what the HELL were you doing in August 2001? Not to mention, another "lesson of September 11"? One suspects Bush'd writers are just mailing it in at this point. Do the honorable thing and quit, then.

As for those numbers? Take a look right here...http://surveyusa.com/50StatePOTUS0805.htm

Notice the only states with net approval of Bush presently are:

Idaho +23%
Wyoming +20%
Utah +19%
Nebraska +13%
Texas +11%
Alabama +7%
North Dakota +6%
Montana +5%
Oklahoma +4%
Mississippi +2%

That's right...so Bush is cynically heading to numbers 1 and 3 (Cheney is from #2). Guess what else? Those top three W-lovin' states, the only ones with more than +15%, have a mere 1% of the US population.

You can run, W, but you can't hide for long. You're running out of places. Salt Lake City is not the nation's capital. Why not go hide in one of those Iraqi WMD bunkers you warned us about in February 2003?

On a more serious note--sadly, the situation in Iraq will not end overnight. W's little legacy to his successor and the world. Also, since Bush loves to quote "September 11" so often, let's just fast forward four years from the "Day of Infamy" he so wishes to make 9/11 repeat.

Four years after Pearl Harbor, the US was occupying and helping begin reconstruction of Japan and Germany. Mussolini? Dead. Hitler? Dead. Hirohito? Reduced to a ceremonial role. Where's Osama bin Laden? The Axis powers were defeated more quickly. Keep bringing that date up, then, W, because now it's just reminding us how long you've failed to get the job done.


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