Friday, September 09, 2005

Bush as Tom Sawyer... 

As in letting others whitewash for him...

Katrina death toll may not hit 10,000? This is great news?

Actually, it's disturbing as hell:

Ebbert said the search for the dead will be done systematically, block-by-block, with dignity and with no news media allowed to follow along. "You can imagine sitting in Houston and watching somebody removed from your parents' property. We don't think that's proper," he said.

Yea, with no media following, for dignity. Sadly, it's not for dignity. Here's what is really going on. Every homeless person? Not counted. Every person without family searching for them? Not counted. This will be the same as the Iraqi war death count. Those in Afghanistan, those who commit suicide, those who die as they are transported to a hospital, those who are mercenaries...not counted. Expect another lie, like the 2,000 dead in Iraq compared to the more credible 5,000-9,000 estimates.

And Brown has been pulled from FEMA? I'm sure he'll be punished. Yea, just like Rove is going down for Plamegate.

There are three scenarios left in America:

1) Welcome to New Brazil
2) The 2006 elections result in a landslide and we get America back
3) A revolution

I'm sure hoping for scenario (2), but (1) and (3) certainly seem more likely.


Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Republic's Last Stand... 

As more and more of the "Escape from New York"/"Mad Max" like horror in the Crescent City comes to light, notice how all the other issues that will really affect American life in the next decades are being ignored--two Supreme Court openings, Plamegate, etc. This is the last stand of the American Republic, and when people look back years from now and point at when the tyranny started, rest assured Hurricane Katrina will be after that date.

When the big debacle that effectively destroyed the Big Easy runs it course, and no one of any significance in the Bush Administration is punished, will anyone even recognize the US?

It's insane...Clinton is shilling for Bush--what do they have on him? Rice is saying this is not about color--but about Americans helping Americans? HELPING??

Because the power to do anything about the most corrupt Presidency in US history (Note Halliburton already has a contract in place to rebuild New Orleans--when the levee breaks, Cheney gets to break the bank) lies entirely in the hands of Republicans, the folks who history will excoriate are the McCains and the Hagels--Republicans who know better and have the power to help change things, but don't care enough to do anything. McCain focuses on steroids in Major League Baseball? With the country bankrupt (economically and morally), military and oil companies shockingly profiteering, and a war criminal in the White House, that's important? It's reached the point where it's hard to feel sorry for the US and what it has coming.

With that said, yours Vulfy is signing out for awhile, with Faolin and the cubs looking into real estate outside the US. With no hope for change outside the Republican party, and the country bordering on insolvency, relocation is looking smarter every day.

Please do contribute as much as you can to the folks suffering from Katrina's wake. Regardless of the state of the States, these are humans who have lost so much. Please help.


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