Saturday, September 17, 2005

Book reading time...and exploring options...a preview 

Sorry for the time out. Faolin, the cubs and I are looking into property in Canada and Europe as the most vile presidency in US history (yes, even that of Useless Grant pales in comparison) continues despite the aftermath of an illegal war and the ignominy of the Katrina debacle.

In Genoa, Italy, I saw more "Yankee go home" and "F*@& Bush" signs than I even saw in Bolivia. The difference between Europe and the States is stunning these days. Europeans are even providing a "carbon relief fund" to allow you to contribute to an organization that will remove the carbon you add to the atmosphere for driving or plane flights. Can't imagine that in the States? Where fossil fuel use is at record levels, despite an astonishing offshoring of manufacturing (and thus manufacturing-related fossil fuel usage) since 1973.

Anyway, I have been busy reading a stew of different books to uncover why the US is how it is today. These are the books that are salient:

1. Under the Banner of Heaven
2. The Mountain Meadows Massacre
3. Thirteen Days
4. The Adventures of Huck Finn
5. Jim Crow's Children
6. Master Mind: The Rise & Fall of Fritz Haber

In upcoming blogs, I will try to weave lessons learned from these books to deconstruct the US of 2005. Hint: The US has always been this way, with the exception of small groups of people and except for the relatively narrow window of time from the Brown v. Board of Education decision(1954) to the Millikin v. Bradley decision (1974). Since 1974, and moreso since 1980, the US has steadily regressed to what it (other than during this two-decade interlude of rationality) always has been.

A scary, faux-religious ("hypoChristical", to coin a term), murderous, racist, and greedy place. An "insular, isolationalist" country that nevertheless overthrows governments throughout the world. I did mention hypocrisy, didn't I?

Is there hope? Of course. The late 50's, 60's and 70's showed that a protracted era of reason and relative prosperity for the middle class can occur here. This was slowly dismantled under Reagan, and now pathologically attacked under shrub. But it can be fought.

After all, the "right" is wrong about their main messages, both domestically and internationally. Their mideast policy is a disaster, invoking outright laughter to go along with the scorn all other nations excepting Israel regard it. The domestic policy--that of unchecked borrowing, dismantling of social services, and increased tax burden on the poor and middle class--is also a debacle, with ramifications that will continue to unveil for years to come.

Will it be too late? I argue that is the wrong question. The right question is "for whom and for how long will it be too late?" With concerted effort and a swift removal from power of the US's current illegal government, it may only be "too late" for about the next decade. Every year's delay now will result in a two-year or more extension of the recovery.

More coming,

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