Thursday, November 17, 2005

No WMDs = A Big Lie. Torture = The End of the US as We Knew It 

The lack of WMDs is an atrocious fact. It means the US in essence fabricated a war that has led to the deaths of close to 200,000 people, the displacement of many times more, and the terrorization of orders of magnitude more.

But torture, whether perpetrated by the US military or by the Iraqi army "trained" by the US military, undermines EVERYTHING the US stands for, and everything the US would otherwise wish to do in the world. If you are capable of torture, then you are capable of any despicable act. No country can trust a country that commits torture, let alone sanctions it.

Recent plans by the Republicans to suggest Bush give an update on plans to possibly think of potentially getting out of Iraq (despite the recent increase in troop strength) are laughable. Dem plans aren't much better. It's far worse there than anyone is reporting in the mainstream media.

There is only one way to reduce the further damage. As we have been calling for on The Bite for months, BALKANIZE the country. The Kurds, Shiites and Sunnites will then be defending their territories rather than fighting for extermination. These groups will be separate, autonomous, and therefore lose much of the rationale for "insurgency". The UN--or NATO, or just other nations such as France and Germany and Russia--can then get involved without having to implicitly sponsor the US rape and pillage of Iraq by participating in the peacekeeping. Segregation and nationalism are not ideal solutions, but as we learned in Bosnia, they are the only way to buy time and reduce the risk of (further) Civil War.

This is the military solution (and we know it stands no chance with the Bush regime--after all, it's really about the oil, isn't it?). The political one involves something so rare in the Bush regime. An apology. But it also involves a legal matter or two.

This is why the 2006 elections are so important. The only way for the US to rejoin the ranks of "moral" nations is for subpoenas to be given to everyone at or above the level of martini-mixer or coke-cooker in the Bush regime. And for many, if not all, currently running/ruining the US Executive Branch to be doing time. Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, Rove, Libby, and a litany of other folks. Too bad Nixon is dead, I'd take him over the lot of these feckless torture-voyeurs.


Katrina Death Toll now at half-9/11 

CNN reported yesterday that the search for bodies was given up on 3 October, but 104 bodies have been found since then.

You warned us October 3. When the state stopped house- to-house searching for -- for -- for the deceased, you said, it was a bad idea, that there were more people out there. Now the death toll, it turns out, has jumped by 104. And -- and families are returning to find the bodies of their loved ones still in their homes. How does -- it's got to infuriate you.

Have you forgotten all about Katrina? Seems like a lot of folks have. It's not pretty in New Orleans yet. It may well be that Katrina will convert the Crescent City into a Memphis-sized city instead of a Milwaukee-sized city. Right now it's all mold and mildew there.

The unofficial death toll from Katrina is now nearly 1400, half of 9/11.


Sunday, November 13, 2005

Heard at a conference in Vienna 

Back from two weeks in western, central and eastern Europe, I'll keep the first return blog short. I will simply quote from a presenter at a Vienna conference, who said: "The [US] president has said he is worried about counterfeit parts being used on Air Force One. Unfortunately, we've had no crash of it yet." I cite this not to Bush-bash (too easy, and been there, done that, it's not funny anymore--it's like laughing about poverty), but to show how free and easy the anti-Bush sentiment is in Europe. This presenter, an American, knows full well his comment--to a mixed Asian, European and American audience--will get a laugh and no one will think less of him. A sad statement on the current "leader" of the free world.


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