Sunday, November 27, 2005

The End of Oil 

With a little break in travel and the satisfying but also saturating work schedule, I have turned the first half of the pages in Paul Roberts' masterwork, "The End of Oil". This is not an alarmist book at all...let alone "just another" alarmist book. It is, rather, an excellent compendium of history, politics, economics and a realistic look at the future of the energy business, which as Roberts points out is equated with the technological economy.

Sure, some of it is review. But all of it is well-written, well-referenced and well-measured. This is not a man with a political or economical ax to grind. Instead, it is an excellent piece of nonfiction, handing out valuable information in easy to digest chunks.

Ever wonder where the hydrogen industry is going? Why "returning to a coal economy" is such a disaster in the making? Did you know 4 million people a year die of pollution related to fossil fuel burning in China alone? That the energy infrastructure in the world is worth $10 TRILLION?

In a world that currently uses 24 billion barrels of oil a year, you owe it to yourself to read this book. You will come away convinced that energy = economy, and that there is no time like yesterday to start preparing for an energy economy not based on fossil fuels. That is so '90's. It's time to move on.



I am thankful for my family (Faolin and the cubs) and friends, thankful for living in an exciting time, a time when technology and science is providing solutions that were undreamed of when I was a cub myself.

I am thankful that, in spite of the ready-to-go 2 days post 9/11 Patriot Act (which is about as effective as the eponymous Patriot missiles were in Bush vs. Iraq, Act I), there is still the possibility for opinion and dissent in the USA (in spite of the fact our President will never speak to the general public).

I am thankful that the crimes perpetrated by the US are being uncovered by the world, and that the US will be held responsible for them. I will be more thankful when subpoenas start being handed out re the torture and related issues.


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