Friday, January 27, 2006


When Bush says Hillary Clinton is formidable, I doubt he is using the French sense of formidable, as in way cool. So, let me translate from English to Phony-Poser-Cowboy-Who-Cheerled-In-College (he always did like to watch other people take the risk):

"I hope Hillary runs, because she'll lose. We'll smear her like roadkill."

As for the rest of his so-called "interview", the most disingenuous moment was another comment, though:

"I have looked at this program from all angles, and my dilemma and my problem is I can't explain to you how it works in order to justify your question without telling the enemy what we are doing," he said. ["in order to JUSTIFY your question"?]

He blew it. Given his track record of lies and dodges, his correct answer was supposed to be "The lessons of 9/11", which he continually uses whenever anyone questions his ability to learn from his mistakes. Maybe his headset wasn't working...Rove must've been borrowing it to spy on Ted Kennedy.

What a great dodge. I can't tell you why I'm breaking the law, because it will tip off our unnamed "enemy" how we're breaking the law, and they might want to wiretap Kerry and Dean, too.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why the terrorists won't attack the US 

"They hate us for our freedom!" sez the Prez.

Now he has taken the Constitution into his hands, and justifies spying because it's to fight terrorism. Well, he may be right. He has defeated the terrorists, after all. They hate us for our freedom and now we have lost it. So, now they must love us. They won't attack us, because the reason they hate us is gone.

Now we can all sleep well.


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