Friday, February 17, 2006

ChappaquiDICK part 2...the apology 

Now Cheney's drunting (that's drunken-hunting) victim has apologized to Dick for what he and his family have had to go through? I imagine he has also sent him a get-well soon card:

Dear Dick
I am so sorry that, being 78 years old, I was unable to dodge the bullet--well, literally, the buckshot--when your gun went off. I know for certain that it was an accident, and in fact fully believe you when you told me you have no idea how, or even that, it happened. Next time we have lunch before drunting, how about it's just the two of us, and we don't invite your three best friends, Jim, Jack and Johnny [ed. note: that's Beam, Daniels and Walker to the drunting interns out there]. We'll have so much more fun. Hey, just to show you there's no hard feelings, I won't spend all $500,000 you sent me to conveniently forget about the booze in one place. Ha ha, next time let's shoot a Byrd instead of a bird. Old fart makes me look like a youngster. Well, enjoy your next kill, Dick,

Best regards,
"Bird blossom"

I will say one thing...the fact that this story came out at all is a sign the takeover isn't complete. I really can't see how this story advances their agenda. Of course, that's because the Al Qaeda has so much better press.


Thursday, February 16, 2006


This is 2006's version of Chappaquiddick...ChappaquiDICK. As in Dick Cheney, drunker than an Irishman at Closing Time on 17 March, killing (or nearly killing, let's see what happens) through neglect and hiding long enough to get sober.

Was Cheney drunk when he shot Harry Whittington? Hell, yes. This is a "hunting club" where the birds have had their wings pre-clipped, and the "hunters" step up to the flightless, clueless birds and shoot them from 10-20 feet away. They were not tracking birds or separated. Harry Whittington most likely was shot when Cheney stumbled in his stupor and either dropped the gun, his drawers (to pee, of course--we're not *that* kind of a blog), or both.

And the pellets from that type of shotgun cannot enter the heart from 30 yards away. Maybe ten feet away, and this matches the size of the pellet damage array on the poor, soon-to-be-killed or otherwise silenced/bought off Whittington.

What Cheney is not:
1. A hunter (unless you mean Human Under Need of Trial for Enron-Related activities)
2. A careful gun user
3. A man capable of listening
4. A man capable of telling the truth

What Cheney was not at the time of the shooting:
1. A compassionate Conservative
2. Responsible
3. A poster child for the NRA
4. Sober

What Cheney is:
1. A Criminal
2. A War Profiteer
3. A Man Slaughter
4. A Dick


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yahoo! and you...an amazing tale. 

This from my good friend D.A., unbelievable...I am in shock!

"Google is resisting the government's request for records about internet searches. But Yahoo has complied. And on Yahoo's site there is a poll asking what method you've used to cheat on income tax (if you have cheated). Guess where that data is going?


Scroll down and on the right will be "Today's Poll""

Since this poll will be disappearing at some point, I have copied its text here:

Today's Poll
Q. If you’ve ever cheated on your taxes, how did you do it?

Underreported income
Deducted previously reimbursed work expenses
Created illegitimate trusts to hide income or assets
Used a variety of methods
(You'll also see how other users have answered.)


Fact is always stranger than fiction, but this is amazing...Yahoo! has already publicly admitted to providing government information on web activity, and now they're collecting data on tax cheaters. Shame on you for cheating, but if you're dumb enough to cheat, I guess you might be dumb enough to provide this information to Yahoo!, as well...or at least Yahoo! and the Feds think so.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

In case you were wondering why the Republicans are still in power... 

This about says it all...the Dems at this point are sort of like the Washington Generals to the Republicans' Harlem Globetrotters. They're just giving the game away...

Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett, a Bush administration critic who had been recruited by top Democrats to run for U.S. Senate, said Tuesday he was dropping his campaign and declared his political career over. Hackett said he was pressured by party leaders to drop out of the Senate primary and run for the House instead.

Looking real good, Dems. In a state where the (Republican) governer has the lowest approval rating of any incumbent elected official...ever (as an aside, note it's the same crazy 20% you see on every question like his--how can you approve a sitting governor who has been convicted while in office, and still won't step down?)...where the 2004 Presidential vote was stolen, you can't even stick with a winner?

It's hopeless. The Social Democrats put up a better fight against the National Socialists.


Happy Valentine's Day... 

Just hope you're not on Cheney's list. Instead of a candy heart, you'll get a heart attack. Looks like they'll kill this guy so he can't talk...heart attack, indeed. Try poison.


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