Friday, March 31, 2006

The best Featured View of the Century... 

Thanks to Faolin for pointing out this sad but spot-on article.

Forget 2006. This is the single Featured View I've seen this Century. Robert Freeman is a man who got it right. How sad for our country.


After summarizing the traitorous activity of the illegally elected and criminal administration that has taken over the US by coup d'etat, Robert states rightly:

Significant majorities believe Bush is not a competent steward in the war on terror, that his economic management has done more harm than good, that his illegal wiretapping must be held to account, that he is not a trustworthy person, and again, by almost 2-to-1, that he has taken the country down the "wrong track." It is impossible to find a president, Nixon included, who has inflicted more damage on his country and who is more deeply, viscerally despised by his own people.

So, how, HOW, can the US so complacently watch its future flush down the toilet without a whimper? Because the Dems are beyond being co-opted...they are complicit. Guilty as conspirators. Willing accomplices.

In truth, Democratic party leaders will not, because they cannot, lead. Not a single one of them has the character, the courage, or the conviction to state simply what so many of the American people already know so well in their hearts: We are being ruthlessly lied to. We are less safe, not more so, as a result of our ill-conceived and botched military adventurism. Our economy is being stripped of its assets, given away piecemeal to wealthy insiders. In the place of past wealth, we are being shackled with unbearable debts for the purpose of binding us into servitude for generations to come. Our democracy and its hallowed Constitutional system of checks and balances are being dismantled before our eyes. The nation is dying.

The sad, apocalyptic truth is that the Democratic leadership has given up on America. Rather than reject the idea of empire, they embrace it. They might disdain inept execution by arrogant neo-cons but they do not begin to renounce the essential enterprise itself. They prattle on - Hillary-like - about how to do it better, more efficiently. They have resigned themselves and the country that we cannot compete in the world on the basis of hard work, discipline, industry, and ingenuity - the traditional paths to respect in the world, whether by persons or by nations. Instead, we are left to make our way in the world by raping, by plunder, by stealing the wealth of nations and people that are weaker than we are, not because it is right, not because there is any dignity or justice in it, but because we can.

Indeed, the nation is dying. And the mortal wound has been inflicted by the spineless Dems. The US is spending $2 billion a day on its trade deficit, and another $2 billion a week on a war against itself (it is the moral history of, economic strength of, and world goodwill toward, the US which has been defeated)...for what?

For what?

Read the article. If nothing else, it justifies 2 1/2 years of ranting here on The Bite. The US is gone, long live the Empire.


Thursday, March 30, 2006

Patty Hearst, but fortunately not Patty Hearse 

I mused before on The Bite that Jill Carroll's story was starting to sound a lot like Patty Hearst's, and predicted that her kidnappers had no intent of killing her. Well, since I'm often wrong, I'd like to say I told you so on this instance.

Shortly afterward, Carroll told Baghdad Television -- which the Sunni party owns -- that she was "treated very well" while being held captive.

"They never said they would hit me. They never threatened me in any way," she told an interviewer.

This doesn't constitute Stockholm Syndrome, but the following item hinted at more:

Wearing glasses and a hijab scarf...

Maybe she was just having a bad hair day. Maybe. Or maybe she found something to love in her captors. I'm not trying to be flippant here...watch the video. It's hard to not wonder about all this. Regardless of how well she was apparently treated by her captors, something isn't right here. You'd expect some indignation at being held against your will for nearly three months. Let's keep a watch on this one.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Fission Accomplished 

The US President can rightfully claim "fission accomplished", since he has effectively split non-Kurdish Iraq into two parts flying from the center with high energy. When goon squads are beheading dozens daily, and the civilian government is asking for the US military to leave, it really can't get much worse...even mainstream new sources like Reuters admit as much:

Scores of such corpses turn up in Iraq every day in killings so commonplace that local media barely noted Sunday's discovery of 30 bodies, many beheaded, in a village northeast of Baghdad.

Baghdad provincial governor Hussein al-Tahan said he would halt all cooperation with U.S. forces until there was a U.S.-Iraqi inquiry that excluded the U.S. military. It was not clear what practical impact such a ban would have.

Nearly three years after Bush preened in front of "Mission Accomplished" (See article at http://www.cnn.com/2003/ALLPOLITICS/05/01/bush.carrier.landing/), Iraq is in the throes of an unacknowledged Civil War. My options centered around Balkanization have still never been seriously considered. And yet, here we are. When two children are fighting like cats and dogs, the first thing you do is separate them. That is where the UN (which rightly argued there were no WMDs) could have helped. Instead, the US has gone it alone, and failed as miserably as possible. Meanwhile, our President lapses into unchecked Tourette's, cocaine or alcohol abuse, or worse...

http://www.blogenlust.net/2006/03/president-tourettes/ (Thanks to Red State Rebel for this)

All you "W04" sticker-bearers out there, got a little clue for you. Those stickers say "I'm a dumb, heartless, stubborn idiot", and we're laughing at you (and crying about the policies you support). As for Bush, well, now he's "Missing Accomplished". Even though he hid under a pillow in West Texas while real heroes like Kerry and McCain fought bravely or were tortured in Vietnam, we now get to see him perform a very military-like role: Missing in Action.


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