Friday, July 14, 2006

So much for conspiracy theory.... 

This looks bad. Real bad.

Ken Lay is instantly cremated after an autopsy? Note that autopsies do NOT identify the person, only the casue of death. As the DailyKOS article notes,

Ken Lay was rich, very, very rich -- he had a pampered, luxurious, spoiled life and plenty of reason to live on -- if only he could escape his conviction somehow. It was clear that he could not do that legally, and it would be very hard for Bush to pardon him at this point politically.

Therefore, he took his immense stash of money and put it in an offshore bank (note: there are no records at all that show that his personal assets were ever at any time ever seized by the U.S. Government - so his immense wealth was available to him).

Then he had two or three people help him out in promoting the "death" story -- while he simply relocated (escaped) to another Country where he could avoid extradition altogether.

Who were these two or three people?

1. Steve Wende, a "pastor-friend" who wasn't even in Colorado when the event supposedly happened.

2. Someone (a friend/CIA-associate/Bush-ally) at the Cremation house where they could then mollify the public that Ken Lay's body had been disposed of -- when to date, in fact, there is no visible or photographic or true medical evidence to support the idea that Ken Lay is really dead.

3. Colorado coroner Robert Kurtzman. This is the only man on record here that has made the declaration about Ken Lay, a man observed to be in great health, that "apparently, his heart simply gave out." How convenient. Just how feasible medically is it that a healthy & relatively young man's heart simply "gives out" all of sudden all the way to the point of final death? It was reported again by Robert Kurtzman that "an autopsy indicated Lay died of coronary artery disease" -- but all this information here is basically flowing from just one single guy .. one source here -- Robert Kurtzman. We are required to take this guy at his word -- but no visible evidence of a death is available .. is it?

That pretty much says it all. No body, no evidence, no truth, no justice.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Enron a model for America... 

Notice how America continues to refer to itself as "the richest nation on earth"? In spite of Katrina; in spite of offshoring manufacturing, research & development, and ultimately all technological advancement; in spite of foreign ownership of 1/7 of its stock and much of its Treasury bonds. Methinks the US doth protest too much.

Enron was famously at one time 7th on the Fortune list. The seventh largest company in the world. Complete vaporware. The biggest contributor to Bush's two stolen elections. Billions generated for the folks at the top, employees and taxpayers paying for it. Now Ken Lay feigns his death so the rightful litany of felonies against him will be dropped. The reason? He can hide in Patagonia--or Australia--while his wife and family keep his stolen booty.

Ken Lay is the USA in the early 21st Century. Bereft of talent, lacking the ability to earn an honest living, poking those latte liberals in the eye (let's not forget the fake blackouts of 2000), and sucking up to the biggest joke of a President the US has ever seen (don't believe me, then check out this idiocy--
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNe4GWxos2s&search=bush%20sovereign). Ken Lay serves merely as an exemplar. For Michael Dell, for Cheney, for Bush himself. And now, like a Nazi after the fall of Berlin, he has likely either feigned his death or taken the cyanide to avoid his punishment and/or save his stolen wealth.


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