Sunday, October 01, 2006

Foley's Folly Epitomizes Republican Reprobates... 

As if it could get any worse for any American with a heart, soul or brain watching the country spin toward economic, political and spiritual ruin...

Top House Republicans knew for months about e-mail traffic between Representative Mark Foley and a former teenage page, but kept the matter secret and allowed Mr. Foley to remain head of a Congressional caucus on children’s issues, Republican lawmakers said Saturday.

That's right. Foley heading up a caucus on children's issues. Like putting Cheney in charge of how contracts are awarded to the oil industry. Oh wait, they do that too.

And in case this reminds you of the Catholic Church actively (not passively) trying to hide the pedophilia rife in their priesthood, give yourself an award for being conscious. So many, too many, Americans are unconscious these days. Which may explain why Catholics, long used to being apologists for felons, are strangely approving of Bush.

Bush has rebounded from a low of 31% job approval in early June. Just two weeks ago, 39% gave him positive marks for his job performance. The Reuters/Zogby survey shows that members of the President’s political base are giving him better marks than they did a few months ago, as 44% of men, 44% of Catholics, 46% of married respondents, and 52% of regular WalMart shoppers rated his work well.

Rebounded? By doing what, pray tell? The housing market lost 2% last month, the National Deficit is monstrous, the Debacle in the Desert is worse than ever (800-900 attacks per week, the city of Baghdad on shutdown today), and the President has just pushed through legislation eliminating Habeas Corpus? The "regular WalMart shoppers" item is the best exemplar. We love George as long as he lets us keep buying cheap crap.

If gas prices drop, the Republicans will win in November. And since the Republicans and the oil industry are one and the same, they'll gladly take a few less billion home in October to continue their kleptocracy.

For shame. If you really support Bush because gas prices go down, so be it. But don't claim to be a Christian, when you sponsor a man whose only major piece of legislation since he stole the 2004 election is to absolve himself of past, present and (escalating) future torture.

But here is precisely where I am in error. "Christians" love Bush because he represents the illogical, inevitable ramifications of the confessional, wherein mortal sins can be confessed and absolved. Here is the twisted "logic":

1. Bush is a good Christian.
2. Bush kills innocent people, state-sponsors torture, starts wars for no good reason, changes laws illegally before signing them, steals election, and dishonors his father. Breaks every one of the 10 Commandments, except he probably doesn't covet Cheney's wife.
3. So, if Bush can do all these things, then I can pretty much do whatever the Hell I want and I'm still a good Christian.

The problem is that (1.) is never re-examined. But I have news for "all y'all". Bush is not a good Christian. Christ was a liberal, and he said "an eye for an eye" (Exodus) is now "turn the other cheek" (Matthew). In effect, he smote the Old Testament. Bush does not follow Christ's one law: love others as you love yourself. Well, he clearly loves himself, he even thinks his farts are loveable, but as far as loving others, well, I don't think he's fooling anyone who's truly religious.

As for the new breed of smug faux-religious, hell, you can't even fool Green Day, how the hell are you going to fool your Maker after you leave this planet? Which, with George around, is likely to be sooner than otherwise.

The Jesus of Suburbia is a lie...


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